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When it comes to maintaining your AC unit it is important to take the time to get it cleaned, this will insure to extend the units life. The air conditioner will run smoothly throughout the entire summer. When the air conditioner runs efficiently it will lead to a lower electrical bill.

The most basic maintenance will be the filters, coils and the condensate drain. Cleaning or replacing dirty filters, will increase air quality in your home. When they are not clean it will Inhibit airflow to the system. Filters should be changed or replaced once a month during the summer.

Coils should be changed once a year because over time dirt and dust will reduce cooling. The dust and dirt will act as an insulator. This reduces the coils ability to absorb heat from the air.

Condensate lines needs to be changed once a year as well. The condensate like is reasonable for removing the moisture that accumulates in the system. When this line is clogged it increases humanity in the air. It can also lead to the risk of water damage.

Getting an annual inspections is recommended to make sure the unit is running properly. It is cheaper to keep up on maintenance then to replace an AC unit.