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reliable commercial hvac service


Paul’s is your one source for all your heating and air-conditioning needs. Commercial HVAC service and maintenance are Paul’s signature services. We have an entire team dedicated exclusively to taking care of commercial properties and property managers. The Commercial Service Department at Paul’s is designed to provide detailed preventive maintenance and immediate service for all commercial and institutional businesses.

We recognize that your HVAC needs are an essential part of your operation. Consequently, we service and maintain HVAC systems to keep them at their highest level of operational performance.


  • Stretch your capital investment – Not only does a well-maintained heating and cooling system extend the life of the serviced equipment, it also generates significant energy savings.
  • Owners need good property managers. Property managers need reliable service companies and clear service records. That’s what we do.
  • Our technicians can email or text documents and photos directly from the site to anywhere which saves time and money.
  • Property manager customers get a service provider they can trust. We have been doing quarterly maintenance for PMs for 65 years.
  • Owners get peace of mind that their equipment won’t be neglected.
  • We service all brands of rooftop units (RTUs), warehouse heaters and ventilation equipment.
  • When repairs are required, we quote a complete price up front to complete the necessary repairs and reduce downtime which saves money.
  • We can help with planning and budgeting for equipment life and replacement. If replacement is due, we will provide a complete, competitive price to handle it from start to finish and get you back in business.
  • Commercial tenants have accurate records of required maintenance to comply with the lease agreement.
  • Regular maintenance is not only required for a factory warranty, it can also double the life of HVAC equipment.
  • Businesses need their HVAC equipment working all the time. An uncomfortable space costs money and can drive customers elsewhere.
  • Commercial maintenance customers receive priority service 24 hours per day.
  • How often do property owners see their properties’ rooftops? Rarely. We report back issues we identify that may lead to future problems such as clogged roof drains, roofing issues, etc.
  • Completed invoices are emailed directly to property managers as soon as the work is complete. There are no paper invoices.


Our Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement Gives You Peace Of Mind Most people like to ease their stress by planning ahead. You too? We had a feeling you would.

At Paul’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Reno and Sparks, our Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement is designed to catch issues when they are small, not big problems. When you have the industry’s best commercial heating and cooling team on your side – you’ve got dependability. You’re preparing for success.

Explicitly, it means you have enlisted expertly-trained, certified service technicians. You’ll receive routine maintenance to find minor issues before they evolve into larger problems. It also means that you’ll receive exclusive discounts on parts and labor and unadvertised discounts, too. With this plan’s maintenance coverage, you shouldn’t experience any costly emergency calls. Plus, you’re partnering with the largest and most experienced HVAC service company in Northern Nevada known for providing premium service for you and your business.

The Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement is the kind of HVAC security you want. Call it looking out for your company’s well-being. Call it feeling better. Call Paul’s Heating& Air Conditioning now to set it up for your organization.